Relaxing the Mind and Body

Health spas may be best known for their rigorous massage routines. Older movies often showed a person being worked over by a masseuse. The person was often lying on a table, wrapped only in a small towel as a large and well muscles woman prepared to literally beat the knots out of their muscles. While these types of scenarios were generally part of comedy shows, many people believed there was a ring of truth in them.

Massage at a health spa may come in a variety of styles. All massages have the goal of relieving sore muscles by ironing out the knots and reducing muscular stress. Some of these massages are gentle and concentrate on specific pressure points. Focusing on pressure points reduces muscle stress while gently easing muscle tension. As the stress leaves the muscles, they relax and the person feels better. Many types of massage focus on this method to attain the goal of relaxation.

There are some forms of massage that do seem as if the masseuse is attempting to beat the knots out of a person's muscles. Traditional Thai massage is one of the more vigorous forms used. The masseuse in this form works hard to ensure all muscles have been given the needed amount of attention. While they work the various muscle groups, the person receiving the massage is expected to actively participate. Deep breathing in various positions is an integral part of Thai massage. It helps find and relieve muscle stress.

Many people hesitate to try this form of massage when visiting a health spa. They are concerned the rigorous activity will be painful. While there may be some pain involved as muscles are isolated and worked, it is transitory in nature just as in other forms of massage. This traditional type of massage is used to relax muscles while invigorating a person through increased blood flow.