Removing Toxins From Your Skin

Many health spas have an assortment of treatments to help remove toxins from the body. A number of these are designed to help open the pores of the skin and detoxify it. Few people understand the importance of detoxifying the skin as part of a toxin removal program for the whole body. Skin absorbs a fairly large amount of toxins on a regular basis and passes them into the body. These toxins come from the air, water and other materials in contact with it such as soaps or perfumes.

Because toxins are everywhere and easily absorbed by the skin, it is important to remove them. Cleaning out the pores allows the skin to release these toxins rather than passing them into the body. It further allows the skin, a living organ of the body, to remain healthier. Treatments for skin detoxification often leave a person with a glowing, healthy look. This is how skin reacts when it is healthy and has been properly cleansed.